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Fibre-Zone Ltd. was founded in 2009 by business partners David Ridsdale-Saw and Selma Bakr when they decided to diversify their business ventures in St. Kitts. They already owned and managed Indigo Yachts Ltd since 2001, a boat yard where many boats were built and repaired using a wide range of composite materials. Their team of skilled craftsman were therefore well versed in using composites in various applications ranging from simple hand lay up to more complex techniques such as vacuum bagging. Having gained a solid reputation for being fibreglass experts, it was a natural extension to seek other fields in which those skills could be applied. As St. Kitts and Nevis began going through a tremendous upsurge in luxury home building during the mid 2000s, David and Selma realised that their design and manufacturing skills using composites could serve the construction industry too. After a lot of research and liaison with property developers they decided that there was a need for better septic systems. Many homeowners complained of leaking concrete septic tanks, and developers agreed that fibreglass tanks are a good solution. Knowing also how costly importation of bulky items to a remote tropical island is, it became evident that manufacturing such products here would make sense. Starting off with regular septic tanks and water cisterns, Fibre-Zone quickly moved into more complex wastewater treatment systems after becoming a dealer for Jet Inc.  Within the first year of manufacturing, Fibre-Zone counted five of the major project developers in St .Kitts among their customers. Since then, the company has steadily grown and solidified their market serving many commercial developers and private home owners alike.
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