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FIBRE-ZONE fibreglass architectural mouldings

Home owner resources

There are many things to consider when thinking about investing in a pool and the following links will help to give you some insight. Leisure Pools has many satisfied customers and have had to answer just about any question a home owner could possibly have. Their learning center is a valuable source of information. Marcus Sheridan and Jason Hughes of River Pools and Spas are among the most talented and experienced pools guys out there. We at Fibre-Zone often pick their brain and call on their vast experience. Check out the following links for more info (and make sure to click the different side tabs on the Leisure Pools galery pages!): Five things to know before getting a pool estimate How much does an inground pool cost? Fibreglass, concrete or vinyl liner...what to choose? More info on the difference between fibreglass, concrete or vinyl liner. Comparing fibreglass pools Watch this video about Leisure Pools construction methods
See what this pool owner has to say about his fibreglass pool and concrete pool
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