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Fibreglass solution for an antique copper

February 2014 One of our most recent projects came along when Christophe Harbour asked for our assistance with an old copper that was going to be used as a landscaping ornament. Unfortunately the copper had a big crack along the side and needed a liner so that it could hold water. Using several layers of fibreglass and pigmented resin, Fibre-Zone lined the interior of the copper seamlessly.

Did you know?

Most fibreglass pools can easily be fitted with a tanning ledge and water features. Tanning ledges are great for sunbathing. They have just enough water to keep you cool while catching those rays!

Did you know?

Fibreglass pools are a lot cheaper to run and maintain than concrete or vinyl liner pools. The fibreglass surface is inert, which means that it does not degrade or interact with the water in the pool. The smooth surface makes for easy cleaning, but it also requires a fraction of the pool chemicals compared to concrete or vinyl liner pools. The maintenance savings could easily run a few thousand dollars per year!
FIBRE-ZONE fibreglass architectural mouldings

Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis receives 4 WTPs

December 2013 One of valued long-standing customers, Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis, just took receipt of 4 brand new wastewater treatment plants to suit the beautiful villas under construction. All four tanks were delivered to the St. Kitts port for onward transportation to Nevis.  

Did you know?

Chopped strand mat consists of loose fibreglass strands that are held together by a chemical binder that dissolves in polyester or vinylester resin. This is what makes chopped strand mat suitable for moulding because it becomes pliable and forms easily into the shape of the mould. Don’t use epoxy resins though! The chemical binder in the mat does not get dissolved by epoxy and will prevent the resin from adhering to the fibres.

Did you know?

Homeowners can add value to their property by installing a pool. Especially in warm climates, investing in an in ground pool increases the desirability of your home and resale value. As a rule of thumb, spend up to 8% of your current property value on an in ground pool. Some of the key factors that will help to get your investment back is to have a pool that remains in great shape and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain during the years that you own it. This is why a quality fibreglass pool is a good investment. Money aside, the laughs, relaxation, family time, and teaching your kids how to swim are all priceless!


Clever positioning of fibreglass tanks

April 2014 Razo Construction Inc. recently demonstrated that wastewater treatment plants don’t need to be an eyesore or landscaping nightmares. Fibreglass glass tanks have a clear advantage over concrete tanks as plant roots cannot penetrate the tanks. This means that you can safely install a tank near a planted area which forms a natural barrier against traffic. Whether you have a concrete or fibreglass system, you should always avoid vehicles driving over tanks, and sometimes this can be tricky. David di Rienzo overcame this issue at one of his construction sites by positioning his plant between some trees. Although the general area is utilised as a parking lot, the trees will naturally prevent cars from driving over the tanks. Trees and plants will also nicely camouflage the system’s manholes without interfering with the integrity of the tank.

Pool installation in Nevis.

December 2013 The year closes on a high note with the installation of a beautiful fibreglass pool in Nevis. The customer fell in love with the line of Leisure Pools swimming pools and decided to opt for an  Elegance 33 in ebony blue. Our team along with the customer’s plumbing and electrical team installed the pool in less than two weeks.

Commercial WTP commissioned at private jet terminal

January 2014 The new year is off to a “flying start”! Our first installation of 2014 is a commercially rated wastewater treatment plant serving the new private jet jet terminal at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport.  Consisting of three 1500 USG tanks and twin aeration, this system is ready to receive more guests in St. Kitts!
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