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Leisure Pools models

For a comprehensive showroom of all the Leisure Pools models and specs please visit their website here. Some of the most popular models are highlighted below to give you a brief overview.

The Elegance

Available lengths: 32’ 10” / 29’ 7” / 26’ 3” The Elegance is a beautiful modern pool with square corners and crisp lines that complements most homes. It features a safety ledge around the perimeter as well as steps and a spa nook seat, yet also maximises the space to swim. 

The Moroccan

Available lengths: 38’ 5” / 34’ 2” / 30’ 10” / 26’ 11”
FIBRE-ZONE fibreglass architectural mouldings
The Moroccan is a stylish and classic pool featuring soft shapes.With three entry/exit steps incorporated in the corners, it is not only very versatile for positioning, but also comfortable to lounge in. The half-moon nook lends itself particularly to a tanning ledge area or deck features.

The Reflection

Available lengths: 29’ 7” / 26’ 3” / 23’ The Reflection is one of the newest models at Leisure Pools. This elegant pool is ultra modern with its minimalist lines, but does not compromise on features. The bench seat running the length of the pool makes for a nice place to sit and enjoy for your whole family.

The Palladium Plunge

Available lengths: 20’ / 16’
If you have less space available, or just want a plunge pool rather than a swimming pool, the Palladium Plunge is the pool for you. It might be smaller in size, but in no way does it compromise on design. It still has convenient steps and a seating bench for comfort.
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