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Leaders in wastewater treatment systems

Jet Inc. is an ISO certified market leader in wastewater treatment systems  offering both residential and commercial solutions. Their drive for innovation  saw them pioneer their patented BAT media (Biologically Accelerated  Treatment), a vital component in any Jet wastewater treatment plant.   Having operated successfully for almost 60 years serving the US and many  international markets, we are honoured to be their Caribbean partner since  2009. 
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Home range of Fibre-Zone products

Fibre-Zone also engineers and manufactures its proprietary range of products, all  of which are wholly or partially made from fibreglass. Among these are septic  tanks, water cisterns, grease traps, fibreglass liners and many custom made items  that customers have asked us to make. If you have any projects for which a fibreglass solution is needed, feel free to talk  to us. As custom manufacturers we can accommodate by far most projects  including fibreglass repairs. 

Waste water products

As distributors for Jet Inc., we work closely together to offer residential and commercial customers in the Caribbean the best solutions for wastewater water management. Fibre-Zone designed and engineered fibreglass tanks to suit Jet’s technology as well as the conditions in the islands. As a result we can offer various sized residential plants, as well as commercial plants that are tailored to customer needs in the Caribbean.
FIBRE-ZONE fibreglass architectural mouldings Adding value, saving money! Wastewater