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Standard septic tank 1000 USG capacity

EC$8,975.00 (VAT inclusive)

Standard septic tank 1500 USG capacity

EC$15,210.00 (VAT inclusive)

Standard grease trap 75 GPM flow rate

EC$2,950.50 (VAT inclusive)

Wastewater treatment plant 1000 USG/day capacity

EC$34,749.00 (VAT inclusive)

Wastewater treatment plant 1500 USG/day capacity

Call for price.

Wastewater treatment plant 2500 USG/day capacity

Customised system. Call for price.

Super-septic 3000

Customised system. Call for price.

More price details to come! Pricing subject to change so make sure to call us for our most up to date prices!
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