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So what’s inside those tanks anyway?

By teaming up with Jet Inc. we are able to bring a top of the range product that takes advantage of the many years of research and pioneering by Jet Inc. in the field of wastewater treatment while combining that expertise with our thorough understanding of requirements specific to our local tropical islands. As the end-user you may wonder what is inside your tank. Here are the main components and what they do.

Jet 700++ aerator

Jet’s flood resistant aerator works in tandem with the patented BAT media to process wastewater. It introduces oxygen into the treatment compartment of your plant to accelerate the process of breaking down waste. Voltage: 115 V, single phase Cycle: 60 Hz Horse power: 1/3HP Amps: 4.1 RPM: 1725 CFM: 1.8 - 2.5

BAT media

Jet’s patented BAT (Biologically Accelerated Treatment) media sheets are fitted inside all residential plants. It provides the ideal environment for nature’s own bacteria to thrive and grow, and combined with the oxygen from the aerator, convert wastewater into odourless, colourless liquids and gases. The sheets are assembled in a specific configuration and fitted into the base of the treatment compartment of your system.

Jet UV steriliser

The Jet Ultraviolet disinfection unit consists of a housing assembly, a UV lamp and a power unit. It is designed to disinfect the effluent before it exits your plant. The unit is safe and harmless, and there are no adverse effects from overexposing the effluent to UV light because UV disinfection does not form by-products.   The 18 x 4 Zabel filter manufactured by Polylok filters water from the tertiary compartment before it gets treated by the UV steriliser to make sure no particles enter it.
FIBRE-ZONE fibreglass architectural mouldings
The unit couples directly before the 4” discharge pipe and is permanently installed inside the tank where the water from the tertiary treatment compartment is directly exposed to the UV light. The electrical components of the steriliser are fitted underneath an access lid protected from the elements. The UV steriliser operates on 120V and consumes less than 25 Watts. A green LED indicator on the power unit confirms the operating status of the UV steriliser. The unit is mounted inside the tank and can be accessed through the inspection cover.

Zabel filter

Jet 195 control panel

Jet’s standard 195 control panel for residential plants is the brain of your system. It is the one component of your plant that you will interact with as end-user and that you need to monitor. It will alert you when there is a problem with your plant and allow you to reset the system to get back up and running again. The 195 control panel has a number of standard features: Aerator/high water warning light Circuit breaker Control switch Audible alert Pump circuit breaker It can be customised with optional features such as: Controls for a second aerator Aerator timers 24 Hour pump timer Pump timer over-ride Disinfection alarm High temperature breaker Pump cycle timer 3-Float pump control Remote alarm contact
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